Neadea e Valhom perfume Casa Sanremo Fashion 2017
Neadea and Valhom present the respective Fragrance Collection inside the Sala Theater at the Palafiori where the fashion event will take place during the Italian Song Festival. The exclusivity of the two brands is realized in an authentic olfactory journey to perfume the Italian elegance and style and offer a new perspective in the eclectic world of fragrances.

Perfume as an artistic creation capable of delighting our senses and awakening our spirit, traces our being in time

From this vision together with the great passion for the Art of Perfume and a commitment to Excellence and Quality, the vocation of Neadea and Valhom is born to re-perfume the world, to re-interpret the olfactory synergies drawing inspiration from the past for capture atmospheres, values, feelings and translate them into "exclusive Blend". Each fragrance is made by the great master perfumers of Grasse with precious essential oils and refined by a maceration time of minimum 2 months.

An emotional journey to discover the mysterious nature of the essences and their evocative power.

A tribute to the City of Flowers to celebrate "The Joy of Fragrance".

Sanremo, 5/11 February 2017

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