"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous"

Our manufacturing process is expertly managed from the resourcing of fine-quality and rare ingredients of pedigree to environment-friendly practises. A focus on preserving the purity of extracts through artisan techniques.

This aspiration to perfection draws its natural inspiration from the original meaning of perfume born as 'art of fumigation' and recognizes the importance of natural essences for their ancestral and alchemic value.

Each odorous molecule beyond evoking memories, uplifts our spirit, enhances inner awareness and allowes creativity to flow. Flowers, plants are vibrant energies empowering our physical and emotional well-being and help us to explore the mysteries of ourselves and harmonize our energetic dimension.

We were inspired by Aromatherapy in creating our fragrances as we trust that essential oils have regenerating and restoring properties on both physical and emotional levels: each Neadea fragrance (extrait de parfum with 30% of oil concentration) encloses a papyrus describing the aromatic characteristics and emotional benefits of the essential oils.

Our homage to the Goddess Mother Nature.

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