Discovery Box

Awake your senses trough Nature and bring 'the magic' in your life...

Exclusively sold on our website, this Box enshrines the four Collection fragrances in 2,5 ml vial.
Discover how each parfum unfolds uniquely on your own skin as it is a distinguished creation in high perfume oil concentration.

Relax and restore yourself with the magic alchemy of precious essences blended by the great artistry of Grasse Noses and aged for at least three months.
Discovery Box contains the four signature fragrances: Gladio, Virtus, Ego, Cosmo in 2,5 ml. - 0,08 fl.oz, spray.

Let yourself be captivated by these alluring fragrances and enjoy the experience of discovering your own favorite!
EdP 4 x 2,5 ml. - 0,08 fl.oz. 80% Vol.

25 Ä
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